1. Why Are We Here?

Are there others? Bill Dorsch believes there are and he’s pretty sure he knows exactly where they’re buried.

This site documents the efforts of Dorsch, a career Chicago homicide detective, to find and share new evidence in the case of the notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Gacy, who ran a small contracting company in Chicago, was arrested in 1978 and eventually confessed to having killed 33 young men and boys. He buried some of their bodies at his home just outside the city’s northwest city limits, and others he dumped in a nearby river. Eight of those victims were buried before being identified, but their remains have recently been exhumed so that more recent technologies can be used to match them with missing persons of the time.

Gacy was convicted of those murders and executed in 1994. But he made contradictory statements about the number of people he’d killed, and before he died he taunted prosecutors, inviting them to “find the others.”

Over the last 15 years, Dorsch has not only learned that Gacy may have worked with accomplices, but has discovered that a property on the city’s northwest side almost certainly contains the remains of additional victims.

Filmmaker Tracy Ullman has embarked on a documentary about Dorsch and has turned up new evidence along the way.  On this site I’ll be recording their work. Our collective hope is that the authorities will agree that if Gacy had additional victims their families deserve attention and that the property deserves further investigation.

© 2014 Alison True

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