24. Tracy Ullman Appearance March 4 With Gacy Arresting Officer and Attorney: This Monday in Portage Park

Filmmaker Tracy Ullman

Filmmaker Tracy Ullman

Next Monday, March 4, filmmaker Tracy Ullman, who’s been working with private investigator Bill Dorsch and whose findings I’ve been writing about on this blog, will be making a live appearance to discuss and screen clips from her documentary on unsolved mysteries surrounding the John Wayne Gacy murders.

Ullman will talk about her reasons for making the film, describing her investigative processes and some of the challenges she faces in working on a film about 35-year-old crimes and conveying their relevance to a public who has largely lost interest.

David Hachmeister, one of the Des Plaines police officers who arrested Gacy in 1978, and Karen Conti, one of Gacy’s attorneys on his death-penalty appeal, will be appearing as well.

Among the subjects we can look forward to hearing about are Gacy’s travel records, which figured in his appeal and which may indicate that he was out of town when some of the murders attributed to him were committed.

The discussion takes place at the Mather Lifeways cafe in Portage Park, at 3235 N. Central at 2 PM on Monday, March 4.
Admission is $5, and attendees are encouraged to call ahead to register: 773-205-3300.

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  1. Brian Schick · · Reply

    Excellent! Go get ‘em!

  2. YAY Tracy. Can’t wait to see the film. You are amazing and this is a very important thing that you’re doing.

  3. Why can’t this be in North Carolina?

  4. sockmonkeywrench · · Reply

    I want to see this but I live in Raleigh, NC. Shite!!!

  5. When I saw the movies, the Red Riding series on Netflix, it really reminded of Gacy. The movie is sort about the Yorkshire ripper but it’s really about police corruption. I think something was going on for Gacy to get away with killing all those poor kids. I look forward to the movie as well.


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