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FAQ: a brief summary of the investigation so far

Who’s John Wayne Gacy again? He was a Chicagoan with a small construction company and one of the world’s most prolific serial killers. In 1978 he was arrested, and in short order he confessed to dozens of murders and to having buried most of the victims in the crawlspace under his house. Eventually 25 victims […]


Public records that aren’t

In December 2013 Bill Dorsch submitted the latest in a long series of requests under the Freedom of Information Act that he’s filed for information about the Gacy investigation. He asked the Cook County state’s attorney’s office for the missing persons report on Russell Nelson, and any “investigative reports, letters, or correspondence between Robert Young and […]

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The Disappearing Witness

One of the most curious realizations we’ve made about the Gacy case is that there were witnesses who don’t appear to have been questioned, much less called to testify, by investigators. One such witness was Robert Young.

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A video recap

In 1998, the Better Government Association, a Chicago watchdog group, began investigating evidence presented by William Dorsch that showed that while John Wayne Gacy was working as a caretaker at a building at the corner of Miami and Elston, he may have buried additional victims there. The BGA interviewed Lynn Troester, who had occupied the basement apartment […]


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