Did Gacy bury other victims here?

In the 1970s John Wayne Gacy, an independent contractor in Chicago, had a sideline as a caretaker at a small apartment building at the intersection of Miami and Elston Avenues, on the city’s far northwest side. After Gacy was arrested in 1978, and it was revealed that he’d made his home into a makeshift cemetery, people living in and near this building began to put two and two together.

Many of them independently came to the same conclusion: that Gacy must have been up to no good at Miami and Elston.

Gacy kept late hours in the basement and neighbors had heard strange sounds coming from it.

Some had seen Gacy dig mysterious trenches in the yard, leaving them open for days or sometimes weeks and then suddenly filling them with dirt and topping them off with a random-seeming plant or shrub.

Another neighbor remembered getting up frequently with a chronically ill child and gazing out the kitchen window into the darkness. Across the street, the neighbor says, he saw Gacy dragging something across the yard–what looked like large, heavy garbage bags.


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