Video: A neighbor’s chilling “aha” moment

Police officer Bruno Muczynski lived in the garden apartment of the five-flat at Miami and Elston for part of the time John Wayne Gacy worked there as a caretaker.

Though Muczynski and his wife, Lynn, had moved away by the time Gacy was arrested in 1978, the ensuing uproar prompted a troubling realization.

They had lived in the garden apartment; the other half of the basement was taken up by a workroom, which Gacy made his base of operations as the building’s maintenance man. When the horror of Gacy’s serial murders was revealed, the Muczynskis recalled that they’d often heard Gacy knocking around in the basement at strange hours. Things got so noisy sometimes that they’d poke their heads out their front door to see what was making such a racket.

In this video Muczynski, now retired and still living on Chicago’s northwest side, recalls how odd it seemed for a maintenance man to be working in the middle of the night.


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