DNA samples of John Wayne Gacy victims fail to match families’

State’s attorney Anita Alvarez: Will she or won’t she?

Local media outlets are reporting that another round of test results has failed to match the DNA of known victims of John Wayne Gacy with DNA recently submitted by families of young men who disappeared in the 1970s.

When Sheriff Tom Dart began moving forward on new attempts to identify the eight known victims who were never ID’d, more than 100 families submitted their DNA. From those submissions, sheriff’s investigator Jason Moran selected 30 to 40 missing persons who seemed particularly promising because of the traits they shared with Gacy’s known victims. Nevertheless, they failed to match.

Though their DNA will go into a national database of missing persons, we wonder any of their remains could be located–at 6114 W. Miami.

There is ample evidence to suggest that Gacy might have hidden bodies there, and that grieving families deserve a chance to end part of their endless suffering.

In March Sheriff Dart submitted an application for a search warrant for the property to state’s attorney Anita Alvarez, but Alvarez denied his request. He has indicated to us that he may update his application in light of Detective Bill Dorsch’s findings.


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