Police officers weigh in on the possibility of additional victims of John Wayne Gacy

The unofficial police blog Second City Cop made a post about this site and the comments are flying. Readers seem to be split down the middle on whether or not there are more Gacy victims at Miami and Elston, but what’s interesting is how many of them already seem to know about the controversy.

These guys don’t hold back. Some of their favorite targets include police superintendent Garry McCarthy (“G-Mac), Rahm Emanuel, and state’s attorney Anita Alvarez.

One type of response to the Miami-Elston question–“Oh, just get over it”–doesn’t take into account the families of the missing persons. How are they supposed to move on? Would you?

Another type attacks the credibility of our subject, retired homicide detective Bill Dorsch, who while working as a private detective for such prestigious organizations as the Innocence Project and the Center on Wrongful Convictions, has collected extremely compelling evidence arguing for the likelihood that Gacy buried victims at the building at Miami and Elston where he had a maintenance contract and a workroom in the basement. Leaving aside the substance of their (unsubstantiated) criticism of him, and adding that in fact his reputation is sterling, it raises this question: Is Dorsch’s personal credibility even relevant?

The testimony we’ve presented so far–and there’s so much more–easily justifies an investigation. And Sheriff Tom Dart appears to agree. Now the issue is whether or not Alvarez will–and what if she doesn’t? Would it be the end of the road for the families of missing persons who believe their loved ones may lie at 6114 W. Miami?


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