Tom Dart’s baby steps do not satisfy

You’ve probably heard the news about the Peoria teen who went missing in 1978. His parents had long labored under the assumption that he’d been a victim of John Wayne Gacy, but when their DNA was put into a national database, it matched the remains of a person found by hikers in Utah in 2010.

If you can imagine their relief, knowing their child hadn’t been tortured and murdered by one of the sickest killers this country has known, try to imagine the ongoing pain of the more than a hundred families still wondering if their loved ones were among his victims.

As I reported here earlier, Sheriff Tom Dart agrees that the evidence shown here and here is compelling and warrants a search. So why isn’t he searching? Is he not yet prepared for the shitstorm that’s sure to ensue if remains are found at 6114 W. Miami? Surely the longer he sits on this information the larger the shitstorm grows. Ask the possible victims’ families.

A FOIA request for the names of the families who suspect their relatives may have been Gacy victims has been denied by the Cook County sheriff’s office.


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