A new doc series based on our investigation drops March 25

The investigation Tracy Ullman and I have been working on since the fall of 2011, when we met retired homicide detective William Dorsch, served as the basis for a new documentary series airing on Peacock TV beginning March 25, 2021.

Rod Blackhurst, who also produced the documentary Amanda Knox, serves as executive producer on the series, as does Tracy Ullman. I’m credited as an executive consultant. The series includes interviews with journalists and former police officers who were present at the time of Gacy’s arrest in 1978. But its focus is the problems we’ve raised as well as evidence discovered by Dorsch, us, and attorney Stephen Becker, working on behalf of the mother of an alleged victim. The series also addresses the question of whether or not some of Gacy’s employees knew about or even participated in the murders, the misidentification of at least one of Gacy’s victims, and the Cook County sheriff’s mysterious refusal to acknowledge this evidence or to thoroughly investigate other locations where Gacy may have buried victims.

If you were following along here when I was posting updates to the investigation, you know that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For the whole megillah, you’ll have to wait for my book.

The effects of the tragic kidnapping and murders of 33 boys in Chicago in the 1970s rippled through devastated families across the country, but they concentrated particularly hard on the city’s northwest side, where Tracy and I both lived with our respective families when we began working together. As things progressed, we were struck not only by the number of victims’ friends and family members who were hurt by these crimes, but by how many of them were our own acquaintances and neighbors.

The story everyone knows about John Wayne Gacy-the saga of his arrest and trial, the horrific fates of his victims, has been written mainly by law enforcement and the prosecutors who got Gacy convicted.

Now there’s a rewrite, one that incorporates the testimony of witnesses whose tips fell on deaf ears, family members who were ignored by the Chicago Police, and scientific evidence that indicates the possible presence of victims in new uninvestigated locations.

The new story contradicts the public record in significant ways, and we fear this is not an accident.

2 thoughts on “A new doc series based on our investigation drops March 25

  1. I just watched the documentary. I just want someone to buy the mother’s property and dig up the yard! Or get the property owner on video trying to explain why they won’t let them do it. The answers are right there. Either people will look like a fool and nothing will be there, or they will find bodies. They can’t even be that deep. By not digging up the yard. There will probably even be people interested in the case that are willing to break the law just to sneak into the yard at night and start digging. Anyone can screenshot and blow up that gridded image of the yard and go square foot by square foot.
    Hopefully this documentary will get something moving….


  2. Allison, hi!!! Just finished bingeing with my husband. I have to say, I have this HUGE itch to buy that Elston Miami property (with what money is besides the point). That property holds clues, and the pissing match Cook Co PD seems to find itself in with those who disagree could use a mediator. I volunteer my efforts as a therapist! (Just kidding…but maybe not entirely.)



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