One last tweet thread?

Hey followers–

Just fyi, on the occasion of the death of the lead prosecutor in Gacy, William J. Kunkle, I posted a thread on Twitter outlining some of the problems with the case. It may be my one last blast there before Twitter goes down for good. Thanks for reading and sharing. You never know what might prompt an important lead.

2 thoughts on “One last tweet thread?

  1. In any of your Gacy research, did you ever come across any connection to the Peterson/Schuessler boys? Gacy, as I am sure you are aware, lived near the boys on the NW side at the time they disappeared.

    John would have been around 16-17 at that time. Detective John Sarnowski, firmly believed that Gacy murdered those boys. I know Ken Hansen was convicted of the crime, but the evidence was very flimsy. Stories had been circulated, possibly starting with Sarnowski, that Gacy had hung around the Garland Building at 111 N. Wabash, which was allegedly a meeting place for pedophiles or other sexual predators.

    The three boys went to the Loop Theater, where they saw The African Lion, and afterward, for an unknown reason, turned up at the Garland building around 6 PM, according to the lobby registration book signed by Bobby Peterson.

    Any thoughts?



  2. All right, then! I Liked and Retweeted on Twitter, though I have serious doubts about my Twitter account that well-predate the sale to Musk. But I love love love, that you asked.

    That. You. Asked.



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