Since the mid-1990s private investigator William Dorsch has been looking closely at the case surrounding John Wayne Gacy, the notorious serial killer from Chicago. Dorsch, a retired Chicago homicide detective, was troubled by some loose ends in the case, including a couple of personal interactions he himself had with the killer. He was particularly haunted by the possibility that there are victims of Gacy who have never been found, their loved ones still wondering what happened to them.

In 2011 I met Dorsch and learned that he had identified a location in Chicago where Gacy had worked as caretaker, and where there was reason to believe not only that Gacy had buried victims there, but that the authorities had been alerted to the possibility and had ignored it. Tracy Ullman, a freelance film producer, became interested as well, and since then the three of us have worked together to uncover the truth about this horrific case.


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